Sally Roach

I am inspired by the world around me, particularly flowers, land and seascapes. I love colour and this often determines my choice of materials and techniques whereas I often start weaving with only a vague idea of the final form.  I work with anything from cane, rush and willow to found materials, textiles and paper.  I use a range of techniques from stake and strand, plaiting and frame to twining, netting and coiling – producing both functional baskets and more sculptural work.

I started making baskets when I lived in the USA during the 1980s but life got in the way for a few years and it is only in the last 5-6 years that I have got back into weaving baskets and sculptures.

I  completed the City & Guilds Creative Basketry Course at City Lit in London in 2013 – using the Wildflower Meadows at the Olympic Park to inspire my final pieces.  The exhibition was reviewed on Homebuildlifer Best of Baskets:  City Lit Creative Basketry Exhibition.

I am part of the Basketry Collective, a group of former City Lit students who come together regularly to promote basketry through teaching, exhibiting, outreach and to encourage and inspire one another.



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